Our Approach

Whether you are a local businesses or Fortune 100 company, we enable you to target and connect with your most responsive customer. You can choose from over 130+ demographic, lifestyle and interest selects.

Our top priority is simple: 
Help YOU grow your business. Here at Scorpion Alliance, we understand that not every business successfully stands out among its competitors. What we are here to do is make sure your business DOES.

Our Story

Over the years other major data companies have gotten the word about our scrupulous data. That’s why we’re proud to state that we are a supplier of data to many of the significant players in the direct marketing and list industries. Chances are you very well may have already experienced the success that our targetable data provides.

Proven, Proprietary & Effective

Through our own proprietary technology, Scorpion Alliance is able to pinpoint our clients exact data requirements and ensure a high standard of validity. Our data is put through a rigorous hygiene process so our clients can rest easy knowing they can count on proven results. Our proven methods have consistently earned us a loyal customer base and built solid relations that are backed by confidence in our products. Our all-encompassing business model lets you custom create the specific database that exactly matches your specific demographics and lifestyle requirements. 

If you’re sending email messaging, we’ll test and deploy your message from our own whitelisted servers—never will your message leave the direct control of our own staff.  At Scorpion Alliance we always say that nothing falls through the cracks—because there aren’t any cracks. We will work hard to both earn—and keep—your business. So give us a call and let’s discuss your next campaign.

Our Team

No matter where your company is located, we are able to improve your business. Our team is always on high alert so your potential problems can be solved with precision and in a timely matter. Our employees are constantly educated so they are up to date with current market trends.

Lose the marketing confusion and let Scorpion Alliance give your business the fast path to profits