Scorpion Alliance can do appending to add email address to your postal database; reverse appending to add postal records to your email data; boost your productivity by appending phone, cell or sms records to your customer or rental lists. 

Let us add to the efficiency of your data by appending demographic, lifestyle, behavioral, landline/cellphone and email attributes. Our appending services can remedy problems such as incomplete or inaccurate data. Talk to us about appending and populating missing fields of information in your database. 

Our suite of appending services include: 

Email appending – Did you know the average person has upwards of 4 email addresses? So, we go one step further than giving you a customer’s most current email, we give you the one that they use most! We can handle all of your permission passes and opt-outs so you receive a file ready for immediate use. 

Updated address services – make sure your off line data is accurate – We can NCOA, CASS Certify and PCOA your file to make sure you are mailing to only good addresses.